Mini tackle boxes. Store leaders, spare hooks, lures, in your pocket or on your belt. Cover hooks and lures and store on fishing rod when transporting in car or boat.
Used to protect children in National Fishing program. Yellow Hooksafes used on the rods in this Government video

Only available here from hooksafe online shop. 

Made in Australia.

No metal bits to rust your gear or injure user.

CLEAR Mini tackle boxes

Store  hooks

&  lures, on

fishing rods in your car.


Hooksafe EST 1997

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The answer to hook

storage on rods

is clear...

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Hooks/lures covered in car

The unique plastic hook moulded onto the box allows the box hook to slide upwards through your fishing rod line eye bracket.

No metal bits to rust or damage rods.

The 40mm long plastic hook eliminates the need to have pressure on line to keep rigs on rods.  No bending of rod tips

Eliminates presure on line knots to create a weak point for the line to break and you lose your catch!

Store spare leaders ready to fish in your pocket.

Use as a handle to tie hooks onto lines when you have cold and wet hands.

Place the barb in the box and let the eye of the hook exit, then close. 

The barb is covered and you are holding the hook by a easy to hold mini tackle box. 

"Brilliant!,  I love my hooksafe tackle boxes,   Adam Pinder, Sydney, NSW"

Fantastic for where space is limited.
When fishing in a canoe it is much

easier to have rigs and lures ready to go

in a pocket or on your belt.
Rod tips are not bent to keep rigs

secure on rods not in use.
image-261157-Hookin FingeronBoat.jpg?1424697520744
When this sort of common fish hook accident happens please attend the nearest Hospital accident and emergency department or Medical Doctor as soon as possible. 

Common injuries such as the above,  can lead to complex infections and long term medical complications. 

80% of common fish hook injuries occur from rods in transit or when rods are being carried. 

"Hooksafe tackle boxes are first line accident protection from common fish hook accidents", St John Ambulance, 2001.
Welcome to Hooksafe

The "Original Hooksafe" Invented 1997. 
Only available here. 
Not in stores
We deliver by post to your door..
Using the "Original Hooksafe" cover and container means you remain in control of your safety. 
World famous fisher woman Kristilee Christensen  endorsing the use of hook boxes by Hooksafe
Government Fisheries Victoria demonstrating and recommending mini tackle boxes by Hooksafe
Fish hook being removed in hospital

Posted by Misses Mills on Saturday, April 14, 2012