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Mini tackle boxes by Hooksafe are the best present or gift you can give your fisher friends any time.

These boxes will help prevent injuries to family and pets in the car  and prevent damage to car seats and clothing.

Compare a cup of coffee = $4.00 and a Hooksafe = $3.70

Hooksafe boxes have lasted users many years.

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Kind regards
Clive Doreian
Hooksafe Australia

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Coloured covers availabe for orders over 2000
Our tackle boxes do not include hooks, lures or tackle.

Mini tackle boxes shown are for display purpose only.

There is only one size.

Covers can be modified with a knife to accommodate many size hooks.

Covers can also be attached to key rings as a handy container for spare coins or medication.
The minimum order is 10 mini tackle boxes.

Now in clear only except in orders over 2000 when colour is option for corporate marketing.

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If you would like more than ten boxes,  please  order again.
How to use a mini tackle box by Hooksafe
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Give safety to friends and family.

10 Hooksafes for $37.00

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Thank you for supporting an Austrailan designed and made product.